The Square of Health Data
for individuals' who wants to have full overview over their health history


Your Health Data accessible 24/7

Individuals’ can see their overall health data in a single place, choose who have access and works with their data

All health data <b>in a single platform</b>

All health data in a single platform

Health data from various institutes accessible on one place

<b>Overview</b> over data use

Overview over data use

Full overview over who uses, sees and works with your health data

<b>Give access</b>

Give access

Individuals’ can choose to give 3rd party access to own health data

<b>No</b> cost

No cost

Free access to own health data

<b>Newest</b> data

Newest data

Individuals’ will always have access to their newest health data



Secure process is used to log into LiveLive and individuals’ choose who have access



Individuals’ have the right to get and see their own health data

<b>Accessable</b> anywhere

Accessable anywhere

With LiveLine individuals’ have access to their health data anywhere in the world

Important Health Data

Health Clinics, Law Firms, Social Insurance Administration and other companies can get access to individuals’ health data with their approval and thereby giving their clients better service with LiveLine.

<b>Health Clinics</b>

Health Clinics

Can give better service by using LiveLine to cut down waiting time and help more people

<b>Social Insurance Administration</b>

Social Insurance Administration

Can use data to get better risk analyse for their client

<b>Law Firms</b>

Law Firms

Do not need to spend as much time to collect health data for their clients. LiveLine already has a connection



3rd parties are able to get individuals’ health data with their approval

Health data accessible anywhere at all time

Users can get access to their health data in just few milliseconds

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